How good it feels.
To get hit with a dream that just won’t leave you alone.
A script. A part. A chord. An art. 
A vision written in stone.
Whether your name on a sidewalk.
Or just a wave like the long right hand point in Malibu. 
How good it feels to get LA-ed.
From here? You stay.
From elsewhere? You pack. Light.
Camera. Action. 
The dream begins.
The belief of a future that is bright. 
For you and for the city, you fight. 
And even when… Cut! 
Wake up! Don’t trip, they say. 
Kicks in the mentality of the mamba.
It’s not a wrap, cut the drama.  
You cannot LA and give up.
You cannot LA just with your eyes. 
You cannot watch this sunset and not rise.  
In defense of the people, the dreams, the ocean, the views.
The smell of the taco stand on Wilshere at 3am
It’s your city. Your home.  
Picking you up. 
Loving you. 
On one knee, asking: will you LA me back?

The Writing


 I learn a lot from it.
It’s speech with quality control.
Only the bravest thoughts endure the journey from the mind to the tip of the typing fingers. 

So, be as courageous as the words that make it to the page.
But beware of the millions of brave but stupid thoughts running through our brains. 

Bravery isn’t everything and the writing knows. That’s why the backspace exists. 

Because the writing is so good that it recognizes it can fail and puts in place a system to better itself. Be as humble as the writing.

When you write, what you look like leaves the spotlight entirely to what you have to say. Your voice outshines your appearance. 

So, when you speak, act and live, have the substance of the writing.
Good writing demands courage. Good writing takes humility. Good writing requires substance. 

Live like good writing. 


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